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The Blue Flag

blueflagThe Blue Flag is an environmental recognition awarded to marinas and beaches, which make special efforts to protect the local environment and enhance services, for the benefit of everyone using or visiting the marina.  To be awarded the Blue Flag, the marina has to comply with a number of criteria concerning environmental information and education, environmental management, safety and service facilities, and water quality.

The Blue Flag for marinas

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blafani_hopur The Blue Flag Programme is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).Over 40 countries participate in the Programme. Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association, is in charge of the Blue Flag in Iceland together with the Association of Health and Environment Inspection, Association of  Icelandic Harbours, Icelandic Travel Industry Association, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, Sailing Association, Environment Agency, Institution of  Natural History and Birdlife.

In order to be awarded the Blue Flag the operator must:

  • •          Work systematically to improve the marinas environment
  • •          Provide information on sensitive areas at or near by the marina
  • •          Offer programmes on environmental education
  • •          Ensure that the marina remains tidy and its waters clean along the coast
  • •          Supply sanitary toilet and washing facilities
  • •          Make sure that the marina is properly lit and that boats can access electricity
  • •          Keep fire extinguishers as well as life-saving and first-aid equipment ready at the marina
  • •          Offer reception facilities to separate waste, including recyclable material, oil and other hazardous substances

Code of conduct

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The users/ staff of the marina are kindly requested to respect the following code of conduct:    

  • •          Respect sensitive protected natural areas  
  • •          Avoid sensitive protected areas where sailing is prohibited  
  • •          Use reception facilities for hazardous waste / oil waste, etc.  
  • •          Use garbage containers / litter bins / waste recycling facilitiesong as the critera are fulfilled.    

The national FEE organisation checks the Blue Flag sites during the season, which lasts from 20 May to 15 September.   You can assist the Programme by telling them how well you think this place meets Blue Flag criteria. In this way you can help ensure that the standard   continues to be maintained.



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  Safety can best be guarded by:

  • •          Remembering the location of fire-fighting, first aid and lifesaving equipment
  • •          Prohibiting open fire or fireworks at the marina
  • •          Lowering boat speed in the marina
  • •          Letting children wear lifejackets at the marina
  • •          Never consuming alcohol at the marina

The individual Blue Flag for boat owners

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The management at the marina offers the Individual Blue Flag for Boat Owners at themarina office. The individual Blue Flag is a small flag offered (given or purchased) to boat owners who commit themselves to an environmental code of conduct. Both national and foreign boat owners are eligible for the Individual Blue Flag.



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